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We enable children, young people and families to feel valued, connected and strengthened and have hope for the future

Greater Ipswich

Goodna Centre

Mercy Community Greater Ipswich began as the Sisters of Mercy Convent in Goodna in 1911. In 1986 the Sisters of Mercy established a new ministry to support unaccompanied humanitarian refugee minors and the convent became known as the Peace Centre.

Today, in our 104th year, Mercy Community Greater Ipswich continues to deliver services that foster the well-being of children, young people and families, helping them to feel valued, connected, strengthened and to have hope for the future.

The services we offer to individuals, families and groups in the local Ipswich area include:

  • Foster and Kinship Care
  • Intensive Intervention Placement Service
  • Family Mental Health Support Program
  • Sexual Abuse Counselling
  • Family and Relationship Services
  • Family and Child Connect

We also offer our Connected Families program in the areas surrounding Goodna and Ipswich, Esk in the Somerset Region and Gatton in the Lockyer Valley.

Contact us

15 Church Street Goodna Qld
PO Box 168 Goodna Qld 4300
Phone (07) 3280 8000
Fax (07) 3288 2044

225 Brisbane Street Ipswich Qld
PO Box 45 Ipswich Qld 4305
Phone (07) 3437 2495
Fax (07) 3812 2900

You can also contact us or find us using this website